A new version of the Trellis Articles of Association was adopted at the 2011 AGM. You can view the new wordings in either Word or pdf format.

This is a summary of the adopted changes:

  1. Membership now has two main classes – members (who pay and can vote); associates (who register for free but don’t vote); with subscribers being the generic term for either or both. Organisations and individuals can be admitted into either class and there are some exclusions to cover conflicts of interest. Serving directors need to be members.
  2. Membership administration can be done by Trellis management as well as the Directors, and all the administrative articles have been updated to include the new membership classes.
  3. The quorum at general meetings remains at 5 members (or all members if total membership <5).
  4. Maximum number of directors is now 15 (minimum 5), of whom up to 12 are elected at an AGM and up to 3 may be co-opted at any time (as before, any vacancies amongst elected directors can be filled by the board at any time). All directors (regardless of how appointed) retire at each AGM, but may serve again without limit on consecutive terms.
  5. Notice of an AGM is 3+ weeks beforehand (as previously), but can now be made by post, email and/or website announcement. The calling notice now needs to include a list of directors seeking re-election, but their personal descriptions may be held on the website (as presently) and referred to there. As before, the calling notice invites members to propose themselves or other members as directors and written documentation for this needs to be supplied no later than 7 days before the meeting, then circulated.
  6. The election process at an AGM is more open than previously. If <=12 persons seek re-election or are nominated, they can be elected by proposer/seconder (unless an objection is made, when a vote is needed). If >12 nominations are received, voting is required. Anybody standing and not voted in can be co-opted to the board later (if the board wish it).
  7. Our secretary can be a non-director.
  8. Sub-committees can be run by non-directors.
  9. Signing authorities now include internet banking.

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