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There is more than one route to a career in therapeutic gardening.
Many people already work in health, care, education or community roles with their own particular  qualifications and professional structures. For these individuals, therapeutic gardening training and experience may be built up through a combination of formal and informal learning : 'on the job' learning, CPD, networking events and volunteering  sessions at therapeutic gardening projects. 
Trellis offers these opportunities through a range of formal training and informal knowledge and skills sharing events,  as well as volunteering with projects in the network

Horticulture Training
Formal qualifications in horticulture, may also benefit your career in therapeutic gardening.
Search for colleges providing horticulture courses on the  Grow Careers  web pages.
National colleges in Scotland such as SRUC, RBGE provide horticulture courses.
Local provision of courses in horticulture alters frequestly depending on demand. Find local colleges in Scotland on the College Development Network drop down list at the top of their homepage.

Note these colleges teach horticulture and staff have an understanding/particular interest in therapeutic gardening: 
South Lanarkshire College  
Dundee and Angus College
Perth College UHI

Specific therapeutic gardening courses
There are a range of therapeutic gardening courses available via Thrive and Coventry University


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