Collect stamps

Recycle stamps for Trellis

Recycle for Trellis and help us make therapeutic gardening blossom.

Collect stamps for Trellis

We can raise money from stamps – no matter where they are from, no matter their face value. Whether they’re everyday stamps, special covers or your childhood stamp album, we can turn them into crucial funding for our support services. Simply send your stamps to the address below and Trellis will benefit financially – approximately £5 for every kilo sent. Don’t worry if you haven’t gathered a kilo yourself. We appreciate you sending whatever you can.

Stamp with 8 mm border Stamp with big border
To prepare them, simply cut round the stamp on the envelope front leaving a maximum 5-8mm border of paper around the stamps.
If you’d like to join with others to collect stamps for us we can send you a collection box. Maybe your local school would help, your place of work or your church, or even a nearby garden centre?

Please contact Caroline Beaton to discuss this or any other aspect of stamp collecting for Trellis Email Caroline
Telephone 01856 811233
Thank you for helping us. Every penny you raise supports the work of therapeutic gardening projects in communities, hospitals, care settings and prisons.
For more information about donations and stamps click Stamps flyer
Send your stamps to Stamps N All, Dept TRELLIS, PO Box 245, Plymouth PL5 2WX

For more information visit Stamps N All

- please start collecting now.

If you are concerned about the fundraising tactics of Trellis, or any charity in Scotland, please contact Scottish Fundraising Complaints 0808 164 2520, visit the website or email


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