Seasonal Programme Perth

My Garden, My Life: Seasonal Gardening Activity Programme - Perth
Wednesday, 4 September, 2019 - 10:00
New Rannoch Centre, Shuna Court, Perth PH1 3DN

My Garden, My Life: Seasonal Gardening Activity
Four days spread over the calendar year:
4th September 2019
13th November 2019
11th March 2020
6th May 2020

Cost £265.00 per person

For those interested in delivering seasonal indoor gardening activities and tending an outdoor garden area.
No prior knowlege required.
Morning session: things to be doing in the garden and how to do them
Afternoon session: seasonal bite size activities for indoor sessions

A practical learning session using the outdoor space for inspiration and activity, coupled with short activity ideas for indoor sessions. This practical session is an informal learning environment inspiring staff to gain confidence in handling plant materials in a garden setting and seasonal plant care as well as indoor gardening activities in order to deliver these activities in their care settings afterwards.

All materials provided.
Certificate on completion (5 CPD points).

My Garden, My Life
Practical, affordable, gardening activity training for staff in care settings
Click here for more information on My Garden, My Life training

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