Accessible Gardening
Sensory Trust
Able Gardener
Afasic Scotland
Open Space The research centre for inclusive access to outdoor space in Scotland.
CK Grows- gardening knowledge for people with learning disabilities
Outdoor Activities
C-N-Do Scotland Limited
Gardening from a wheelchair? Get Fred Walden’s tips.

Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Scottish Natural Heritage - Sharing Good Practice
Tayside Biodiversity Partnership
Arena flowers Bee-keeping

A set of free educational resources on sustainable development for community organisations has been produced by the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC).Community Action for a Sustainable Scotland (CASS) is a set of 7 resources aimed at community projects and groups, which offer advice ranging from how to develop a sustainability plan to simple tips for recycling and saving energy. They also contain illustrative examples from projects around Scotland.

Zero Waste Scotland

Gardening, Food and Health
Community Food and Health
Community Healthy Exchange
Food for Life Scotland Plant guide

Gardening Organisations
Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society
Garden for Life
Scottish Gardeners Forum
Scottish Allotments & Gardens Society Audit Report on Scottish Allotments

Growing in Scotland
Growing Fruit & Vegetables in Scotland Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland Caroline Beaton & Kenneth Cox, Garden Media Guild Practical Book of the Year 2012
Grow your own Gardening in Scotland hints and tips on the web

Therapy and Gardening elsewhere
Gardening hints and tips
Therapeutic gardening blog by Isabelle Boucq from France
Konrad Neuberger - Psychotherapy HPG from Germany - Psychotherapy and Horticultural Therapy
GGuT - Association for Horticulture and Therapy in Germany

Land and Planning
Community Land Advisory Service
Scottish Community Land Network
WebSEWeb Scotland's Environment web
Planning Aid Scotland

Organic Gardening
Ask Organic

Partnership Organisations
Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens
Allotments Regeneration Initiative

Reciprocal sites - a therapeutic gardening connection
Rotary Club (Fraserburgh)
Dundee College
College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources (University of Hawai at Manoa)
John Davidson Counselling
Greenway Consulting
Search for gardening jobs in Scotland & UK
Horticulture Jobs

Useful Organisations
Action Research in the Community (ARC) case studies and full action research reports.Further information and guidance available from the Scottish Community Development Centre
Evaluation Support Scotland
Funding Scotland
Research for Change
Learning Disability Alliance Scotland for 'Easy read guides' to welfare reforms.
Chartered Institute of Horticulture



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