Cultivating Futures: Trellis/Scottish Prison Service gardening exhibition 2017

08/16/2017 12:00
Cultivating Futures
Trellis/Scottish Prison Service gardening exhibition 2017
On Wednesday, 16 August 2017 HMYOI Polmont will host Cultivating Futures, a national exhibition of decorative planters and pallets on the theme of the environment, aimed at showcasing the creativity and horticultural skills of individuals in custody across Scotland. This inaugural and innovative event is presented in partnership with Trellis, the national Scottish charity for therapeutic gardening.
Prisoners from 10 Scottish Prison Service prisons, from Grampian in the north to Dumfries in the south, have developed a range of high quality exhibits using a wide variety of skills gained whilst in custody. These skills include gardening, wood work, metal work, recycling, numeracy and literacy.
The Cultivating Futures project has also allowed participants to increase their confidence and self-esteem, improving their social and emotional health through the creation of finished products which are practical, of strong design and composed predominantly of living plant material. Prisoners have been fully involved in the planning, design and construction of all exhibits to be shown on the day, including the title(s) of the individual exhibits.
Each of the 10 prisons will display 1 planter and 1 pallet in line with a design drawn up by the Scottish Gardeners Forum. The exhibits will:
  • be 1m in width x 1m depth x 2m in height,
  • contain overhanging plant material of no more than 15cm,
  • be designed to be viewed from a distinguishable front,
  • comprise predominantly living plant material with minimal hard/soft landscaping components, and
  • provide a brief overview of the exhibit including the names of plants used.
The event will be formally opened by SPS Chief Executive Colin McConnell and Jim McColl MBE , Trellis patron and television gardener. The event will be attended by management and staff from the SPS and Trellis, as well as representatives from a wide range of partners who support both organisations in their work.
Thereafter, the exhibits will be on show in a prominent location within HMYOI Polmont to allow the widest range of fellow prisoners, visitors and staff to view them before they are donated to public and third sector organisations (such as schools and care homes) in the localities of the prisons taking part in the exhibition.
The event will be attended by national and local media/press and will feature on SPS and Trellis Twitter and Facebook sites.
In view of the anticipated success of this, the first, Cultivating Futures event, it is expected that other SPS prisons will host similar events in future years. 

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