Lord Aberdeen

After a career in the commercial property world of over 20 years based in London, Lord Aberdeen moved to his ancestral estate at Haddo in Aberdeenshire in 1995 with his wife and four children having built a new house as the main family home was in the care of the National Trust for Scotland. In addition to taking an active role in running the busy working estate which employs 25 people, he also carries out medium sized housing developments in Aberdeenshire.

Jim McColl, MBE, SHM, NDH, SDH, FrAgS

Jim is a well-known horticultural consultant and TV & radio broadcaster and has been working with people who had learning/physical difficulties since the 1960’s. He soon found how useful gardening could be in helping them achieve a sense of worth, purpose and enjoyment. That feeling hasn’t changed a bit in 50 years!

Dr Richard Simpson

Dr Richard Simpson, Hon Professor of Psychology at Stirling university and a previous member of CSO research committee

Professor John Curtice

John is best known as a commentator in the media on Scottish and British politics, not least on election night when at recent elections he has led the team responsible for the analysis of the TV exit poll. A Professor in Politics at Strathclyde University, the day job involves digging into the details of how people vote and what they think about politics and government. But at the weekend together with his wife, Lisa, he tends an allotment in Glasgow in which they grow a mixture of summer fruit and winter vegetables - and which acts as a year-round safe haven from the hurly-burly of the political scene

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