Our Work

Our Work

Not a query, just a note of gratitude. I haven’t been able to get to the last few meetings but there was a time when they were a real life-saver for me.

Just being in a roomful of fellow gardeners with all that warmth and cheerfulness, all those shared experiences and learning from each other – such an important boost in every way.  I just wanted to thank all you at Trellis for making that happen: I can’t tell you what a big deal you’ve been to me.”

Therapeutic Gardening Practitioner John, writing at the time of his retirement from
mental health project, Lothlorien


2023/24 report and video coming soon




“I truly believe the garden provides something on every level.  It is absolutely crucial in allowing children to just be.  A safe place that enables young people to explore their world and have positive experiences”

Dr Quinn, Clinical Psychologist, Balnacraig School.

“We would not be where we are today without the support of Trellis”

Jo West, Headteacher at Balnacraig School.