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We are often asked for recommended reading on various aspects of therapeutic gardening.  Below are some reading suggestions from our network with their recommendations.
If you have a book or a source of valuable therapeutic gardening information and would like to share it please contact us here at Trellis, send details to

Designing balconies, roof terraces and roof gardens for people with dementia.
Author: Mary Marshall
Published: Dementia Services Development Centre 2010
This book describes the practical ways in which new and existing buildings can maximise opportunities for people with dementia to access outside space in balconies, roof terraces and roof gardens.

Designing outdoor spaces for people with dementia.
Authors: A. Pollock and  M. Marshall, M. (eds.)
Published: Dementia Services Development Centre 2012
This unique book provides comprehensive, readable information, supported by research, on all aspects of outside spaces for people with dementia.

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Digging for Victory: Horticultural Therapy with Veterans for Post-Traumatic Growth
Author:Joanna Wise
PublishedKarnac Books 2015
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the methods of Horticultural Therapy as applied to this unique client group. It describes the type of combat training and experiences veterans may have had, and sets out the common issues and pitfalls civilian therapists often face when working with the military. Looking to the future, it also identifies promising avenues in terms of how we may improve the treatment we offer to best serve the needs of these ex-service men and women who fight on our behalf.

Horticulture as Therapy:Principles and Practice by Sharon P Simson, Martha C Straus, CRC Press 1998.
This book has sections on all disabilities, and ideas for therapy.

Therapeutic Landscapes: An Evidence - Based Approach to Designing Healing Gardens and Restiorative Outdoor Spaces  by Clare Cooper Marcus & Naomi A Sachs, Wiley, 2014.
Includes chapters on history and theory of therapeutic gardening, participatory design, design guidelines for healthcare facilities, gardens for many types of groups- young to elderly, sustainability, business case and evaluation of therapeutic gardens

Textbook, research study highlights legacy's gardens. Study will investigate the impacts of garden access on stress levels among providers, patients and families. By: Christen McCurdy A new book – intended as a textbook for students in horticultural therapy, social services, design and other disciplines – highlights the therapeutic benefits of onsite gardens in hospitals, and prominently features Legacy's Gardens in Healthcare program, which includes 12 gardens in its six hospitals.Read more:

Healing Gardens by Romy Rawlings, Seven Dials 1998.
Some alternative ideas, but good suggestions on colour, texture, scent – all good for people with complex disabilities.

Gardening is for Everyone by Audrey Cloet and Chris Underhill, Human Horizons Series, Souvenir Press, 1982
 An old book, a bit old fashioned, but has ideas and suggestions for use through out the year.


Growing together: gardening with Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs

Growing Schools year planner


If you have a book or a source of valuable therapeutic gardening information and would like to share it please contact us, send details to