Seasonal Activities

Looking for gardening activity ideas ?
Why not try out some of the suggestions in these downloadable Trellis Factsheets :

Gardening Activity Suggestions Word |pdf
Planning Year-Round Garden Activities - Ideas and Resources Word | pdf 
Square Foot Gardens Word | pdf
Indoor Plants and Wellbeing Word | pdf
DIY Seed Mats - make your own seed mats for easy planting pdf

Fun and fantastic gardening including the greenhouse bus at

Early Pea Wigwam pdf

Jingle Bulbs - Indoor Autumn bulb planting for Christmas pdf

Feed garden birds this winter with:
Cheery Cheerio Ring Bird Feeder 
Cheesy Fruit Kebabs pdf
Feathered Friend's Fat Pots pdf
Click The Winter Garden for some winter gardening activities.

Woven containers from willow which could be used as raised beds.


Pumpkin vases wirh flower arrangements.

Coconut Plant pots.

Make a miniature moss garden using moss at

Seasonal Cooking

Ever wondered how to use up all those tomatoes or how to cook the kale in your veg patch. Click here for a few ideas.

Cooking up some warmth winter warming recipes.