Wednesday, 8 November, 2023 - 09:00

The WFGA is the charity to join if gardening is your passion.

WFGA Membership offers many benefits including:

  • An opportunity to apply for a place on our unique and highly-regarded WRAGs training scheme
  • Practical workshops and skills days, Garden trips and tours
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Members Forum providing a friendly and supportive network

The WRAG Scheme (Work and Retrain As a Gardener Scheme) was launched in 1993 to provide paid, part-time, practical horticultural training.  The trainee works for 12-14 hours a week for the whole year, in a carefully sourced garden, under the instruction of the garden owner or head gardener.

Graduates of the Scheme enter a wide range of horticultural careers including, running their own gardening business, plant nursery work, head gardener roles and working for the WFGA as Regional Managers.  

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