Fundraise for Trellis

There are lots of ways you can fundraise for Trellis and any money raised goes straight to funding the services we offer to support Therapeutic Gardening staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. This means more people, improving their lives through gardening.  So, THANK YOU. 

You can choose to do whatever you want, whenever you want. The more challenging or quirky the better for raising money.

Fundraising To Do List



1. Decide on your challenge or event

2. Recruit some friends!

3. Register your challenge/event on our website:

4. Create a fundraising page  or

5. Use the sponsorship form in the pack if you prefer it old-school!

6. Share your story and journey  with the world using social media and don’t forget to give us a name-check using the hashtag #fundraiseforTrellis

7. Request promotional materials on our website

8. Create a poster to display at college and all about town to tell people about your fundraising campaign and how they can donate to it.  We have a template in this pack, on the webpage or download our logo to create your own. 

9. Once you have completed your challenge or event, give yourself a big pat on the back and send your donations to us.  We’ll send you back a lovely certificate to display at the college.

10. Have fun!


Here are some other fundraising ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Go Potty

With a potting-up stall at a local event – or even in your driveway. Charge a fee and give them something to take home and nurture in return.

Host a Garden Party

Everyone loves a Garden Party. Invite your friends, gather your baking donations and look out your best hat!

Welly Wander

Time to show off those show-stopping wellies with a wander round your local greenspace…A lovely activity for schools and families alike.


How about a dig-a-thon? Or a big shin-dig?

Open your garden

Don’t worry if your garden isn’t perfect, nobody’s is. But everyone loves to see other people’s ideas and inspiration. Get a group of neighbours together to create a local trail or if you run a therapeutic gardening project, why not have an Open Day and donate even a small percentage of the funds to Trellis.