Factsheets & Activity Sheets

Lots of gardening activity ideas below to download/print out and do!
For more activity ideas, see the Lucky Bag page too.

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What is Therapeutic Gardening?
Therapeutic Gardening: theory and evidence
A summary of the main studies relevant to gardening therapy

Adapting gardening to specific needs

Adaptive Gardening™: Practical suggestions to make gardening accessible and interesting for all
Adaptive Tools Factsheet
Dementia and Gardening
No-Sweat Planting Guide - low maintenance ideas
Table Top Bed Design

NEW Outdoor Learning series

Outdoor Learning 1: Setting Up Your Site 
Outdoor Learning 2: Using Your Site
Outdoor Learning 3: Activities

Planning Activities - some suggestions 

Gardening Activity Suggestions
Planning Year-Round Garden Activities - Ideas and Resources

Starting Small - ideal for those starting out, who tire easily or are put off by large tasks

Broad Beans
Collect & Process Leaves and Flowers
Container and Companion Planting
Creating Mandalas
Cress Sprouts in a Bag
DIY Seed Mats - make your own seed mats for easy planting
Early Peas
Fairy Gardens 
Indoor Plants and Wellbeing
Nifty Spring Onions  watch video
Potatoes in a Bag
Quick Crops
Summer Flowering Favourites in a Planter
Square Foot Gardens
Houseplant leaf Care watch video
Grow-a-Long Nasturtium Wigwam
Spring: A Flowering Bulb Gift
Make a Mini Ornamental Pond
Mini windowsill composter
Edible Flower Patch
Green Tomato Salsa Verde Recipe
No-cook Strawberry Jam Recipe
NEW 22 Make a Mini Wildflower Meadow
NEW 22 Make Herbal Bath Bags
NEW 22 Herb Planter for Sharing

Winter Activities/Rainy day activities 

DIY Seed Mats - make your own seed mats for easy planting pdf
Easy Lanterns for Indoors or Outdoors
Garden Cane Wigwams
How to make paper Origami Seed Envelopes 
Jingle Bulbs -  easy indoor Autumn bulb planting for Christmas scent
Poetry Inspired by Nature
Trellis' Terrarium Take - create a miniature garden in a jar
Feed garden birds this winter with
Cheery Cheerio Ring Bird Feeder
Cheesy Fruit Kebabs
Feathered Friend's Fat Pots

Trellis 'How to Grow' series - easy to follow, photo illustrated, step by step instructions

Broad Beans
Cress Sprouts in a Bag
Early Peas
Nifty Spring Onions
Potatoes in a Bag
Quick Crops
Summer Flowering Favourites in a Planter
Shrub Pruning Simplified
Grow Rhubarb in a Pot
Grow Garlic 
NEW 22 Softwood Cuttings

General Interest

A Beginners Guide to Selling Produce 
Basic Horticulture Courses in Scotland 
Case Study: Engaging Potential Volunteers

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