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Lots of gardening activity ideas below to download/print out and do!
For more activity ideas, see the Lucky Bag page too.
Demonstrations of how to carry out many of these activities and a whole lot more can be found on the Trellis YouTube Channel 

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What is Therapeutic Gardening?
Therapeutic Gardening: theory and evidence
A summary of the main studies relevant to gardening therapy

Adapting gardening to specific needs

Adaptive Gardening™: Practical suggestions to make gardening accessible and interesting for all
Adaptive Tools Factsheet
Dementia and Gardening
No-Sweat Planting Guide - low maintenance ideas
Table Top Bed Design

NEW Outdoor Learning series

Outdoor Learning 1: Setting Up Your Site 
Outdoor Learning 2: Using Your Site
Outdoor Learning 3: Activities

Planning Activities - some suggestions 

Gardening Activity Suggestions
Planning Year-Round Garden Activities - Ideas and Resources

Starting Small - ideal for those starting out, who tire easily or are put off by large tasks

Broad Beans
Collect & Process Leaves and Flowers
Container and Companion Planting
Creating Mandalas
Cress Sprouts in a Bag
DIY Seed Mats - make your own seed mats for easy planting
Early Peas
Fairy Gardens 
Indoor Plants and Wellbeing
Nifty Spring Onions  watch video
Potatoes in a Bag
Quick Crops
Summer Flowering Favourites in a Planter
Square Foot Gardens
Houseplant leaf Care watch video
Grow-a-Long Nasturtium Wigwam
Spring: A Flowering Bulb Gift
Make a Mini Ornamental Pond
Mini windowsill composter
Edible Flower Patch
Green Tomato Salsa Verde Recipe
No-cook Strawberry Jam Recipe
Make a Mini Wildflower Meadow
 Make Herbal Bath Bags
 Herb Planter for Sharing
 Gooseberry Crumble  see Fruit Growing Series videos on the Trellis YouTube Channel 
 Gooseberry Salsa see Fruit Growing Series videos on the Trellis YouTube Channel 
NEW 23 Fabulous Flowers for Cutting - Sow & Grow Cosmos
NEW 23 Hanging Baskets: How to make a moss lined basket for summer plants
NEW 23 Make a Bouquet Garni
NEW 23 How to Grow Carrots
NEW 23 Have a Go at Handling Herbs
EW 23 Simple Summer Basket
NEW 23 How to grow Doorstep Tumbling Tomatoes also watch the video on the Trellis YouTube Channel 
NEW 23 How to Dry Flowers & Grasses also watch the video on the Trellis Youtube Channel
NEW 23 Outdoor Bulbs for Spring Colour also watch the video on the Trellis Youtube Channel
NEW 23 Easy Floral Decorations - Christmas & all year round!

NEW 24 Spot Spring Sights! See the Spring in the Garden Video too!
NEW 24 The Sensory Garden: Touch
NEW 24  How to Grow Strawberries and Strawberries from Runners 

NEW 24 Garden's Sound of Music


Rainy Day Activities 

DIY Seed Mats - make your own seed mats for easy planting pdf
 NEW 23 Have a Go at Making Seed Bombs
 NEW 23 Wax Rubbing & Watercolour Printing also watch the video on the Trellis Youtube Channel
Easy Lanterns for Indoors or Outdoors

Garden Cane Wigwams
How to make paper Origami Seed Envelopes 
Jingle Bulbs -  easy indoor Autumn bulb planting for Christmas scent see LIVE ZOOM video on the Trellis YouTube Channel 
Poetry Inspired by Nature
Trellis' Terrarium Take - create a miniature garden in a jar
Feed garden birds this winter with
Cheery Cheerio Ring Bird Feeder
Cheesy Fruit Kebabs
Feathered Friend's Fat Pots
NEW 23 Spider Plants - Make more from spider babies  see Houseplants: Spider Plants video  Trellis Youtube Channel


Trellis 'How to Grow' fruit, veg and flowers series - easy to follow, photo illustrated, step by step instructions

Broad Beans
Cress Sprouts in a Bag
Early Peas
Nifty Spring Onions
Potatoes in a Bag
Quick Crops
Summer Flowering Favourites in a Planter
Shrub Pruning Simplified
Grow Rhubarb in a Pot
Grow Garlic 
NEW 22 Softwood Cuttings
NEW 23 
How to Grow Carrots


General Interest

A Beginners Guide to Selling Produce 
Basic Horticulture Courses in Scotland 
Case Study: Engaging Potential Volunteers

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