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What is Therapeutic Gardening? Word | pdf
Therapeutic Gardening: theory and evidence
A summary of the main studies relevant to gardening therapy Word | pdf

Adaptive Gardening: Practical suggestions to make gardening accessible and interesting for all
 Word | pdf
Adaptive Tools Factsheet Word | pdf
No-Sweat Planting Guide - low maintenance ideas Word | pdf
Table Top Bed Design Word pdf
Dementia and Gardening Word pdf

Container and Companion Planting  pdf
Gardening Activity Suggestions Word |pdf
Planning Year-Round Garden Activities - Ideas and Resources  pdf 
Square Foot Gardens Word | pdf
Indoor Plants and Wellbeing Word | pdf
DIY Seed Mats - make your own seed mats for easy planting pdf

Try some of our Quick Returns activities - seeds sprouting in days and harvest within weeks!

Year Round Quick Crops pdf
Nifty Spring Onions pdf
Cress Sprouts in a Bag 
Early Pea Wigwam pdf

Spring planting

How to grow Potatoes in a Bag pdf

Winter planting

How to grow Broad Beans pdf
Jingle Bulbs - Indoor Autumn bulb planting for Christmas pdf

Feed garden birds this winter with:

Cheery Cheerio Ring Bird Feeder pdf
Cheesy Fruit Kebabs pdf
Feathered Friend's Fat Pots pdf

A Beginners Guide to Selling Produce Word | pdf
Basic Horticulture Courses in Scotland Word